How to get over my crush who moved away?

This year my crush, his number one best friend, and his younger brother haven't been at the school, since it started a week ago. All of us are Juniors, except his younger brother who just became a Freshman. The crush was mutual between us, but now since they all moved away. It's not worth it anyways. But I mean why would you just take your kid out of that school to follow his friend? Anyways, I'm having a real hard time getting over him. I think of him all day in class, it even made my depression worse. He was the only reason I would smile, whenever he was around it was like perfect. Now I'm all empty and alone. I want to get over him and stop constantly thinking of him. I spent many, many years crushing on him. I've known him since the 1st grade and but we stopped talking in 8th grade, but it was still nice seeing him everyday. But I'm not used to not seeing him. I need to move on. /.\


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  • only time will heal.


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