Guys, Why hasn't he asked to see me?

I met a guy on tinder a week ago and we have been texting all day everyday. We get a long really well and I really want to meet him. At first he kept saying I'm way too pretty to be talking to him. He was saying last night how he's so excited to meet me and I asked when he's free and he said don't worry it will happen. I said it doesn't seem like you want to if your not actually making the effort to set up a day and he said you have no idea I really really really want to. He said he's shy at the start but what the hell why hasn't he asked me on a date? I pretty much asked him and he said it will happen.
why could be possibly keep saying he's so keen to meet me but never actually sets up a date or time?
Appatently he had s stalker girl the last time he used it but he knows I'm not some crazy bitch

i have him on all social media so I know he's real and one of my guy friends, friend plays footy with him.


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  • Well it is weird. He might have some temporary ailment, like a cold sore. He might feel self-conscious about something else, like the state of his house. He might be needing to get his car worked on. Could be anything.

    It doesn't bode well. Sorry.


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