Dating, school, work... should I be angry?

I'm about a month into a new relationship with a guy I've known for years. The relationship is going really really well but university is starting up again (it'll be two months for us then) and between classes and work we were trying to plan out our schedules so we could have some days off together. Then he drops the bomb that he will be working 25-28 hours a week on top of full time school and homework. I didn't say anything because I don't want to be THAT girlfriend but it made me feel like he didn't care enough to find time for me during the semester. I work about 18 hours a week usually on the same days as him but I just feel like he didn't even concider me when he said he was going to work so many hours...

Should I be angry or am I over reacting?
So pretty much we'll see each other once a week.


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  • Overreacting, but he's setting himself up for failure.


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  • you're overreacting.


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