Is it wrong to ask for space in a relationship?

My boyfriend and I had ano argument yesterday. Before going to bed, he had texted me good night. I responded back saying good night, as well. Today, we are obviously texting each other not how we are, but at least we weren't ignoring each other. Later in the day, I texted him that I needed some space, and that I'll text him when I'm ready. I was still angry from yesterday, and I just wanted to give myself time to chill down. However, I communicated my needs instead of ignoring him. He said okay, and that was it. Did I make the right decision?


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  • Every relationship needs space and you should have friends and a life outside of a relationship

    • I have spent a lot of time outside my relationship with friends and family. In fact, I don't see my boyfriend a lot during the week. Yesterday's fight just really upset me, and I'm not really in the mood to talk go him.

    • I never said you didn't I'm just saying some women drop their friends once they get into a relationship

    • Oh yeah. Well of course that happens with some relationships. It's unfortunate.

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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time to cool off in a relationship, especially after an argument. I think space is the right choice so you don't say something you regret later on in your relationship.

  • i think its fine to.


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