I don't plan on dating white men anymore is this wrong?

I've dated white men before. I know all races have assholes in it but I find that I can deal with black, Latino, and Asian men better.

The problem is my Latina girl friend introduced me to a church she goes to that is predominantly white and the guys are mostly white and usually where I get hired at there is nothing but white men

im half black and white although people mistake me for Latina (think Jessica alba Latina)
It's frustrating because I want to meet sophisticated black, Latino, and Asian men
I just feel like most women are the opposite of me on this website and want to date white men so desperately


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  • Well, it's wrong to think all us white men are the same, but you got your own preferences, if you don't like us, then don't date us, can't blame you for having preferences.
    Just remember we're not all assholes.

    • In my details I said there are assholes in every race lol

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    • You did not do anything wrong

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • It's what you want. How could it be wrong? (I'm white by the way.)


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  • Do whatever you want.


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