What is an effective yet subtle way to approach somebody without being totally weird?

So I have a small crush on this guy. I consider it small because I don't really know him personally. He's a friend of my friend's. We used to follow each other on social media (twitter, instagram) but now we don't. He's an outgoing person with a personality that can make anyone laugh.
I want to approach him at some point, but he's always surrounded by all of his friends and I don't want to be all awkward and interrupt them thus putting myself "on the spot."
How can I approach him in a subtle way? I have very bad social anxiety and I can't make friends that way, I've always just waited for all of my friends to come to me but I want to be the one to approach this guy.

Please don't tell me to ask my friend that's his friend to introduce me, because I'm not a super close friend of hers and I don't want to seem as though I am using her to get to him, because I'm not.


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  • Just starts normal small talk like you would anyone else


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