Women say their objectified but?

But women are objectified?

Are men starting to get objectified to and if so when can men start saying with credence that women and men are equally objectified because one of the main arguments for men paying for the first date is women are expected to look nice and then I SAY AND MEN ARE NOT?


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  • Objectification of women is obviously impossible to stop for our culture, so we have no choice but to level he playing field and give men a taste of their own medicine.

    A few new music videos hardly equates to the centuries of objectification women have endured. It's embedded into everyone subconscious at this point.

    • Then feminist are hypocritical to say men shouldn't be so shallow and objectify women

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    • Same thing as being used for money, like when I take women out for first dates and they only use it to eat and I find out that they are serial dating, just to get free meals

    • I don't know anyone who does that. But if you're going out with a completely stranger and your first time meeting is at dinner then chances are you're not going to click.
      Personally I would offer to pay half since its a date, but usually the guy will "insist". That's why dinner is always a bad idea. It's so awkward.

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  • Girls are still objectified more in music videos. Guys are more objectified based on their status or sometimes as an emotional support object. At the end of the day we are all used for something, nobody interacts with you for selfless reasons.

    I think it's funny because guys who look like that would never fight over a girl who looks like her. The whole video is a joke.


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  • We're equally objectified; both men and women face the same sorts of sexism, just in different variations.

    • So then why is it so wrong if men objectify women?

    • It's wrong for both people to be objectified, but ultimately, the people being "objectified" are willing choosing to do so, so there's very little ground for everyone to stand on other than it's fundamentally wrong.

      Just like every mother has said: Two wrongs don't make a right, they make a bigger mess.

  • Lol. It all comes back to paying for the date. GTFO

    • It really does because that is a hassle to spend that much money because after four dates with four different women it adds up beyond 300 dollarss

  • women are still more objectified than men.


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  • good question dude!!! where are you FEMINISTS?


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