Guys, I told him I needed space, is he holding that against me now?

Long story short is that im seeing this guy.. things aren't going as i had hoped and i told him i needed space.. he flipped out on me for saying that and then when i explained he said he understood. I told him to have a good week and text me when he's home.. the next day we were talking a bit and it was okay and he was off ( he knows i can't stick to not talking to him) .. anytime i talk about feelings he jumps back a bit for a few days... i asked him why and he lost it on me and threw it back in my face that i asked him for space and he said he understood and ao on and then uses my words against me.. that maybe space is a good thing and to have a good week... he hasn't spoke to me all day and i dont know if he's trying to make a pojnt and holding it against me ir what.. any advice on what i should do here?


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  • Maybe he thinks it's over, I was once told that and it was over. lol

    • So he's being an ass now because of that? I was still talking to him!

    • You probably hurt his feelings, if he's real, if he doesn't really gaf it's probably just his pride.

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