Girls, would you date a guy with long hair down to his butt?

I met a guy who just cut his long ass hair but he wants to grow it back out. This is a first for me as all my exes keep groomed. I'm on the fence about liking it.


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  • Ew. No. It's feminine and on a dude it's kind of unhygienic looking. No no no.

    • I think it's feminine too😢
      I hope he doesn't grow it back out I'll probably lose interest ugh

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    • It's okay, don't worry, I'm sure he'll appreciate your opinion :) No problem!

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I personally wouldn't because it would kind of turn me off. A man can still have long hair and stay well-groomed, though!

    • It just seems a bit, femenine? I don't know I'm trying to convince him he looks great the way it is now but I don't want to hurt his feelings or seem shallow

    • No, I get it! Yes, maybe it seems shallow, but looks DO matter. If you're not attracted to him, then the relationship will not go far. Tread carefully with telling him he looks feminine with hair, though (I wouldn't unless he outright asks). Boys tend to be so sensitive about their appearance... :c

    • So true. It sucks because he seems perfect otherwise

  • If he was cute and descent yes

    • He's very cute but I don't know how attracted I'd be if he grows the hair back out.
      I think I'd lose interest

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