When the guy you start hanging out with says he can't have a relationship he is going through stuff needs2 work on himself can u ask as a hook up?

Or should you be his escape and keep things happy and help him feel good? Guys would it keep u from hooking up if she asks about your hurt from a breakup or what you are going through or would it feel good to have someone to talk to. And girls does it work out for you if u ask about deep stuff?
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  • It feels good to talk
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  • It feels like the relationship situation u are avoiding
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  • It would stop u from future hook ups
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  • I voted A only because you don't want to be to pushy with it otherwise it will look insencere. You have to talk about it and try and help him without the intent of getting together, then he will know that you care and be much more inclined to have a relationship with you (this is not of course a certanty) So do talk be there for him, be sencere in your desire to help him (he will be able to tell if your not), and go from there. Don't be the hookup, thats just sex most hookups don't lead to anything. For guys I have noticed its required to have an emotional connection first before sex is meaningful so you want that established (if you want a relationship) before you get physical.

    • I sort of agree. This is closest to how I feel. I sort of feel like with me sex and talking about stuff without strings sort if is liberating and feels good. Like counsing. You work stuff out. And hopefully it leads to trust and feeling even better with me.

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  • I think you should avoid doing anything with him.


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