She suggested coffee?

I dated this girl a few times. We did beer/whiskey and a trip on a cable car. I invited her out to my birthday but she couldn't make it. Once I invited her over to my house for dinner and she canceled an hour or two in advance. I was bummed as I prepared a nice dinner. Some girl friends said I should stop contacting her. So I stopped.

bumped into her a few times, was cordial, buts it. Tonight bumped into her, she seemed like she wanted to chat longer but I said I had to go. She rembered a lot about me. I said we should meet up sometime. She immediately said we can do coffee.

Bad sign there?


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  • seems like whatever else she had going on has fizzled out and now she is reaching out to you again...

    I don't know with what excuse she cancelled dinner. Depending on what it was I'd give her another shot, or not.

    • I saw her on the train and went up to her. She said I should contact her about meeting up.

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    • just go, "hey, let me know when you're free for coffee"... otherwise why is she playing these games?
      Her excuse for cancelling dinner was that she was in wine country. To be fair, she wasn't sure that was going to work, but said she would make it.

      I've had some girl friends say I should ignore her. She's a nice girl but her actions just aren't there.

    • anyways

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  • She just wants to know if she can still string you along the way she used to. Go out with her if you want, but don't get tricked into falling for her shit.

    • you think she was stringing me? yeah maybe time to move on...

    • thanks man

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  • Don't initiate anything with her. If she wants to go out with you, she will reach you.

    • I don't get this, why is she still talking to me and being friendly?

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    • Maybe being friendly, we haven't talked in 2 months... no contact in between.

    • thanks

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  • Good sign, just keeping it casual/low key re-connecting..
    If your keen, definitely go... fresh start

    • Surprised she didn't say a beer or something.

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    • Thought during the week was best? She hasn't contacted me at all...

    • Yeah, you never know what women are thinking lol, good luck

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