Guys, I met this cute boy whose three years older than me on Twitter? He seems sex obsessed and wants to meet up, what should I do?

im a teen and I met this boy whose 3 years older than me on Twitter. I gave him my snapchat so we have been talking a little and he just wants to send me nudes and he wants them back. I told him I'm not comfortable with sending him nudes. He said that's ok, but he seems really obsessed with sex. He keeps telling me I'm really pretty and gorgeous and that he loves me and wants to meet up. Do you think this is dangerous? I have feelings for him and I'm really attracted to him but I told him I want to save sex for marriage. Do you think he might sexually harm me? He knows one of my close cousins, do you think he'd break his limits even though he knows some of my family? Should I meet him?


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  • No I wouldn't


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