For those who have been in a relationship for more than 2 years. I need as many answers as possible! Please answer?

1. What are your zodiac signs?
2. Where did you meet? (library, club, shop, friends house etc).
3. What year, season (or month) and time of the day (the approximate hour) was it when you first hit it off with a full friendly conversation?


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  • well i haven't been in a relationship for 2 years, but almost a year. but were in love and everything and we can't live without each other, so its pretty much the same thing; quality over quantity.

    1. both gemini
    2. friend of a friend; we played xbox together
    3. October 2014. we had a lot of genuine friendly conversations, but i think the first one was late at night.


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  • 1. i'm a virgo, he's a sagittarius.
    2. School back in 2009
    3. uhh we have always been friends sooo... i would say 2010? June of 2010 to be exact. at a party so i'm guessing it was like 9pm?

    • Thanks. Exactly the way I was looking for an answer.

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    • Uhhh before it. It was like June 5th.

    • Thank you. In case you are curious, I am seeing if there is a correlation between people's zodiacs and the time they meet.

  • Haha, you are funny. If we not been in a long relationship, it doesn't meaning we are desperate. Just go out with friends and meet girls, but don't ask them too many questions. Just be cool.

    • I never said anyone was desperate lol

    • Yeah, but try to talk to girls, don't rush it.

    • Sure, thanks =). I am single right now, maybe someone I like will like me back, I can't say.

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