How do awkward guys with anxiety or depression get girlfriends?

I'm confused because I have social anxiety and pretty much everything I read on the subject from normal dating advice to PUA stuff basically says the same - be confident, don't be too nice, be interesting and fun, be a mystery, be masculine, be sexual, etc.
The majority of it is just hard for me to do without really faking it because I'm uncomfortable and not naturally like that. But I don't get it because I know a few guys with similar problems and they've attracted girls and none of them have rugged good looks or anything, most are quite crappy looking like me.
I know all women don't think the same, so does that sort of stuff just work on the majority of women and a minority look past it? Or is the dating advice online mostly BS that I need to ignore? It's strange because men and women are writing similar things, especially about confidence which is my biggest weakness.

I just need your opinions and expiriences.



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  • They make steps in order to get past their depression and/or anxiety.


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  • It's like sport 80-90% + is played between the ears.
    Concentrate on doing things that will improve your confidence, and put yourself in new positions out of your comfort zone to adapt your social anxiety.
    Concentrate on you, and you will get there eventually, than the girls are just a bonus


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  • It's something you have to really change within yourself. Don't pretend to be confident because people and especially women can see through this stuff. Don't be fake. Find ways to develop confidence from within and it will show without.

  • You'll need to work on the mental health issues. I'm in the same boat so I know it's hard.


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