What does she want?

We study in same class, she sits of third last bench and i on second last bench in our class, we never talked

- When she enters the class, she locks eyes with me for 2 seconds and they I look away.
- all the girls of my class sit in front rows, but she choses to sit at the back always.
- When in the breaks, she goes out of the bench, i pull the chair for her to make some space, and she says thanks.
- she looks at me from time to time from the corner of her eye.
- When she goes out of her bench and enters, she slows down , like she is waiting for me to pull the chair to make some space for her, as if she wants that I shoudl take her care.
Im so confused right now, please help me ,... what she actually wants?


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  • Maybe she's just waiting for you to make a move and talk to her? Just say hi.

  • I think you're trying to present us with evidence indicating that she might like you, but I don't think there's enough evidence here to tell if she likes you or not. If you like her, try talking to her and see if she has a positive response.


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