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There's a girl I've been talking to on and off since December (8 months) we were pretty serious for awhile then she called it off. Last week I took her out to some bars in Downtown Orlando. What started off as a night of just 2 friends hanging out, turned into us holding hands and making out most of the night, on the way home I even played a song that she knew described how I felt about her, and she took my hand while I was driving and we made out to the song when we reached a red light... after that she blew very cold... leading up to that night things had gone well. Her saying she missed talking to me, & that she couldn't wait to spend time with me, and that I was literally her "best friend." And she said this after I told her I called off a very brief relationship because of how I felt about her I don't know what to do now. Any advice opinions? I thought maybe after the way things went last week that she still liked me considering she initiated all the affection we showed each other that night. My grandmother even said that if she didn't have any romantic feelings for me that none of that would have happened that night. What do I do now?

ps. She made a Facebook post of us saying she was at the club with me, which I found out tonight she deleted


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  • Well, you should have never told her you were with someone else. You just blew all the trust.

    When will you guys ever learn, telling a chick you blew off another chick off for her is not a compliment. Now she knows there was another chick in your life, so how many more are there? Or, what if that chick decides to come back & you drop the new chick for the old chick?

    You may never do this, but she doesn't know this. These are the thoughts that some of us go through in this type of situation. Some chicks will put up with the "what ifs" & some won't.

    The only way you're going to know is by talking to her & see where her head is.

    • For what it's worth, she and I were in a "no contact" period when I had that brief relationship, & I had a whole laundry list of reasons to call it off with that my ex... but the truth is I was thinking about the girl I'm talking about in the question the entire time and j realized what a mistake I had made

    • I was also following my best guy friends advice to "find a new girl and forget" about the girl I'm talking about in the question here... it never felt right the entire time...& the only reason I told this girl why I called it off with my ex was because I felt like I was lying to her by leaving that tidbit of info out of the story

    • Well you should have took that to your grave. The #1 fear is being cheated on, so when we learn there is another female, no matter what you tell us, a red flag will go off that you may cheat.

      It's not your fault, its just that we've heard too many stories of guys doing chicks wrong & we don't want to go through that same mess.

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  • ... I called off a very brief relationship @L31_Alty...
    I Feel that if she didn't care about you, she would not have given a hill of beans as she did. However, if I am reading this right, her tuned somewhere a bit after This fact, changed after the love song when you told her this statement above, and Now... I found out tonite she deleted.
    The writing on the wall and all, which doesn't have to be in Newsfeed Etched in stone for me, is she grew cold duck feet when she Suddenly realized that she may be setting herself up to get Hurt and didn't want to take the chance with romance.
    She got this sour ball when she heard some of your past that was no blast for her, and although she had some feelings to start with, she thought it best from the rest To... Call it off.
    I have to Agree with Grandma in the Romance department about the mush and gush. However, with everything that she said and did and Now it has led down o This beaten path, it seems she may have Just... Woke up and smelled the coffee.
    Contact her and try and get together here, dear, and clear the air. Something doesn't smell koshore in Denmark and I feel it has nothing to do with her being a fickle pickle.
    Good luck. xx

  • Wait. So she's posting false posts about what you guys do?

    • No, when we went out, she checked in on Facebook saying she was with me at a nightclub, and tonight I saw that the post was deleted

    • Ohhhhh... Well that's better than I thought it was! Like how creepy would THAT be XD

      I have no idea what's going though her head, but she's obviously not ready for a relationship. You can try talking to her about it and trying to work it out, but I really wouldn't hold my breath. I'd let it go.

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