Guys, best way to restart interest in a guy you slept with but want to date?

So I went on a date w a guy. We hit it off great and did sleep together twice since we met ( two separate times). He hasn't been able to go on another date w me due to his schedule. He seems like he is not trying hard anymore like he did when we first met. He said he was still interested but I don't know... How do I restart that interest? I have been nervous and sending sexy pics/joking around about what was available for him then apologizing if I don't hear from him. That is not the real me! Im a genuine chic. Done with the booty calls and stuff. I want to settle down. I just like him and don't want to fuck up my chances or come off wrong. Any suggestions. I'm trying to do the no contact thing but don't think that will do much.


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  • The reason why he's not trying hard is because he's already got what he wanted. Everything else he says is just an excuse for not saying the truth.

  • Give it up he isn't interested anymore


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