Full of hate and ready to date by Robby.... Robby is one of the user on this site.

So I went to the site and read about what to do if you are stuck in the friend's zone.


Ironically, almost everything described seems to be what my friend is doing.

So, I have a question for you guys...how would a girl know you are ignoring her to draw her closer or because you are simply not interested in her? When I read through, I have to admit, I became more attracted to him but at the same time, the actions told me he's not interested that I have gotten myself to move on from him instead even though he's still sort of around.


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  • This kind of advice, whether it's written for men or for women, always seems so manipulative to me. "Never call him, wait for him to call", "never call her, wait for her to call"... how are you ever supposed to know whether someone is genuine or just following someone's guide on how to deceive you and play with your emotions? It's really perplexing.

    • I agree. There shouldn't be rules like that. "Call him after 31 hours, only if its a Thursday and talk for 3 minutes and that'll get him interested."

      to OP: unless he makes it clear he's interested you can't really know if he's ignoring you or playing you. But I wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of either of those. : \

    • I find this advice fun and interesting. Most of this stuff I already know about. Leading is the most important. It's about taking these "ideas" and making them your own so it's natural. I don't have it all written down. I find a girl I'm attracted to and just go for it. If it becomes just friends then I pull back but with in weeks she knows that I'm the fun confident guy that she didn't see before. Again it's about taking these ideas and putting your own blood, sweat, and tears (experienc

    • No I totally get it, it's about pretending you have a personality that isn't actually yours and appealing to the other gender's subconscious desires. That doesn't mean it isn't manipulative.

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  • We guys are pretty dumb sometimes like not being able to read girl's body language but I think if you give us some multiple indicator of interest (IOI's) you'll be fine. We aren't robots entirely. If he's giving you sexual innuendos then he's still interested. If he's simply ignoring you and not really making a point to be playful then he might not be into you.


  • I agree with some of the dudes below. If you are being too subtle, we can be pretty dense, especially if we feel you are out of our league. Be what you would consider insanley obvious like after a bar ask him to come over to "watch a movie" and sit real close to him, give him the eye and dress sexy. Or make little comments that are not what a friend would say.

    If he still doesn't respond, he is too dumb to date or just isn't into you.

  • If your stuck in the friend zone. Completely break it off. You will not be able to win his mind back once its set. Unless you act like a total freak and a whore you won't get him back. Move on or be a whore.

    • You got 3 arrows down but no one bothered to explain what part he disagreed on. I was thinking since sexual tension puts too much stress on the friendship on my part then I should just cut him off.

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