I'm 14 he's 16 but we're both going to be sophomores. We like each other and I'm quite sure that we'll start dating. I don't think it's weird, do you?

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We are pretty good friends already and we talk almost every day.


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  • I had this dilemma, Im turning 18 and she is turning 16 3 months after me. I was really worried her parents wouldn't be ok with it but they were. It isn't weird though.


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  • No, Not 'Weird' at all here, dear. My sister was 13 when she had starting a guy who Was...16.
    My parents Liked Jack and his family as well. They trusted him and my sister and never much of a problem. However Today, he has another wife and three kids and my sister is on her Second husband.
    Perhaps run it by mom and dad first to get their permission and if there is a problem at that moment, then just stay friends with Him and in the meantime, nurse and nurture a Nice friendship until you can Both reap a ripe ol' Romance that just may pan out with the seeds you have planted.
    Good luck. xx


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  • A meager two year difference is not weird at all. You're cool.

  • No weirdness there.


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