Shared a scenery with ex but is it ok to share it with new bf?

My exboyfriend showed me a fantastic view at a high mountain top and I want to show my new boyfriend the same exact view. It was beautiful and I really want him to experience it with me... Is it wrong?
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  • I think it's wrong because it will bring back old memories and feelings from your ex. I think if your completely over your ex then it shouldn't be to bad.


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  • Eh, if I never did the things I have done with an ex with a new partner, I would have no ideas of what to do! It sounds like this view is special to you, not you and and your ex together, I would not worry about it.

  • Make new memories. Especially if he showed it to you, that is his special spot. Don't ruin it for him

  • Unless your ex owns the place, I don't see why there would be a problem

  • Yes and kiss him there so its now your spot instead of the old spot


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