Girls, how should I ask this girl out?

Kinda a complicated situation with this girl..

We went on a couple dates, went really well, we really connected, had so much fun with her and she did too. But after the second she wanted to be friends due to study, she had medical exams coming up, dont think she wanted a relationship interfering I guess.

So since then we've just been casually hanging out, her exams are done now and its been super fun. It's been a couple months since we went on an 'proper' date.

The thing is.. I dont know how to approach her to ask if she'd like to try going on a date again, and I'm not sure if I should. I dont want to ruin it, because we have a lot of fun just hanging out as it is. I had managed to find out in causal conversation with her that she isn't looking for dating, so I realise that my chances dont sound good!

Just on the times we've been out, I feel like there's more to it.. like last Tuesday when we were out she was playing with her hair literally the whole evening, and I doubt she is feeling nervous, and it was like that the last two times we hanged out. It's not a definate sign, but its one of many.

So thoughts, advice?



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  • Have some confidence, and do it.

  • Just do it! Don't think about it, you'll never do it if you do.


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