How do I start chatting with the girl I have a crush on?

I am a 15 year old male and i am seriously i love with this girl on facebook, i can't stop thinking about her, everytime i think about sending her a message im either to shy (i am a really shy person} or she is not online. We have been friends on facebook for a while, but i was on a camp some days ago during summer vacation and then i saw her in real life and i was completely stunned, she was so pretty, i couldn't get enough of her, her face, her hair, her smile, her voice, her laugh. I was watching her a lot and a think i got caught a couple of times, but on the last day at the camp there was like a party, and everyone on the camp was there, including her. Randomly she came up to me and asked me a question (can't remember what it was...} and there was a lot of people there she could have asked but she asked me, and it felt weird and amazing saying something to her. Later that evening me and a friend went outside, because it was so hot in there, to play some basketball and suddently she came out with some friends and wanted to join!! And it felt amazing doing something with her i couldn't belive she wanted to play with us Everytime i saw or heard her it felt like my heart fell out of my body and melted. On the bus home from the camp i sat next to her friends and the rest of the people in my group, and there was a spot beside me that no-one sat on, and she asked if she could sit there. Of course i said yes. We didn't say much to each other during the trip i just pretended i was sleeping, but when we came home and she left she was just gone in a second, i felt like i would never see her again and i got really sad, and i have been thinking about her non-stop ever since, i even get mad sometimes because i can't be with her. So i though that i was going to send her a message on facebook, but i have no idea how to start or what to say or if she doesn't like me and will think that im a freak :( so if anyone have any tips on what to say or anything please help :(


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  • message her and say "Hi. What's up?" have a casual conversation and don't be too pushy on the feelings too soon. Maybe she was interested in you and you blew your shots, if they come around again, take advantage of them. You're going to be much more mad at yourself if you don't try to talk to her and always wonder "what if" opposed to talking to her and getting shut down. The only way you will look like a freak, is if you act like a freak. Be confident buddy.

    • Thanks for the advice and fast response! (:

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    • If i say "Hi" and "Whats up?" and she answers "Nothing much" what am i supposed to say after that? :[

    • Carry on small chit chat. If she gives short answers send short replys. Ask her how she is doing. If she continues to give short replys without asking questions back, she may be uninterested

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  • Just commenting on her wall


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