I'm Just not attracted?

Is it wrong to be picky or to have a type? i mean I've heard from a lot of people here and other places about how judgmental people can be about anothers apearence in regards to atraction. like with that video of the girl who put on that crappy fat suit (it was terrible) and tried to make guys look bad for not being atracted. I've actually had people talk down to me for not being atracted or not care about physical apearence.

i ultimatly am not atracted to overweight girls, transgenders, or guys (i fear this will be another argumet). i mean im not judging im just not atracted... not like its the only thing i look for, i mean u could be a model but if you a mean or terrible person your ugly to me..., does this make sence to anyone?


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  • There's nothing wrong with that though being picky can limit your dating pool and eventually leave you alone (if you're TOO picky). But it sounds like to me that people are trying to shame you (and she's trying to shame those guys) for something that can not be changed: attraction.

    You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone that completely turns you off.


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  • its your preference, its fine. just don't put others down because you're not particularly attracted to them, that's all.


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  • It makes perfect sense. Gotta have the 'tude to match the look, and you're choosy. I am a fickle bitch myself👍

  • Shopping for friends = looks matter much less than personality
    Shopping for life partner = looks say a lot about potential life together, then personality


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