Should I just quit dating until im older?

I fell in love once and it broke me. She cheated and lied. Now all i have is flings, im afraid to get into a relationship again, or fall in love. It hurts too much if things go wrong. I'm 21. Are there any young, loyal girls out there? Not trying to be a dick, but all my experiences are disloyal women.


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  • There is girls you can trust. Don't give up dating, because failed relationships are never a waste of time. Even though they didn't bring you what you did want... they taught you what you do want.

    The best advice i can give is... to love like you have never been hurt, and don't let the hurt someone else caused you be the reason why you reject the love someone else wants to give you. Never make another girl pay for someone ones elses and mistakes.

    Your experiences have caused you pain so first you need to heal. You can't fly with a broken wing and you can't love with a broken heart.

    As long as you can trust yourself to be strong and deal with any hurt someone elses causes you... the fear of betrayal lessons 💙

  • yes you should wait.


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