Why does this guy ask "R u ok" that's how he starts convo's?

Or when he calls he'll say "R u ok" and I'll reosinr with im fine. Then a minute or two later he'll say " r u alright" is he just not a communicator?
Thanks for the responses everyone... as well as the good laughs! LOL! He does sound retarted saying it. When he talk on the phone or text he'll say it. Anyway, here's a little history:

We've known each other for abor 12 years. Met him in my class in jr high. He lost his virginity to me. I wanted him to have a good experience so I thought I'd be his first. Weve had contact once in a blue throughout the years. Recently we've been hanging out and having lots of sex. He tells me he loves me
.. and that he wants to marry me and if he were to ever have kids, he thinks he wants it to be with me. Is he bullshitting me? Lol


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  • maybe he noticed something he thought was out of place, looking at your other media updates or something.

    • We were on the phone and I sounded fine lol

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  • Unless he senses that there is something wrong in your own life, or You have Implied it here, dear, it sounds like a habit he may have gotten into with Everyone with his way of Communicating..."R u ok"...
    He doesn't sound that Exciting as far as 'This guy' goes, however, maybe you could coax him into being More of a conversationalist and less of a One liner.
    Good luck. xx

    • Hi Paris.

      He really isn't all that exciting. I mean... To be frank, He gives me a self confidence boost when we hang out, plus I like that he is turned in by me so that turns me on. I think it's vulnerability attracs me to him. The fact that he's like this teenager with super high hormones. Lol... To each their own. Lol! He had told me once while I was giving him head in the woods that I could be a porn star lol

    • lol!! With All that you even said above and below here, dear, he has said Plenty and good to know he can talk and has feelings.. sounds like he likes you and his way of Saying: "You are Alright by me."lol:)) xxoo

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  • Maybe he's just a retarded fuck

  • maybe it's his way of saying how are you? or, you have some kind of look on your face that concerns him?


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  • I have a guy that's like
    "good morning!" and after that he asks "How was your day?"

    Always the darn same freaking opener... He is a good guy though, very kind... it just gets boring, you know?

    • Believe me... I KNOW. LOL! How old is he if you don't mind me asking? Seems like younger guys are the ones with the same, lame one liners lol

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    • I'm too busy with my own life to wonder LOL!! LOL!

  • Maybe he's got nothing better to say


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