Do you ever find yourself transferring feelings onto a new person that you feel towards someone you secretly long for but u are trying to move on?

I have someone from my past I can't be with he is married. So I try to move on and I find the person I finally had sex with after two years got all the feeling poured on him. He didn't have to really earn it. And it turned into a hook up only thing. And I feel so much for this guy. But I am looking over what happened and I think I transferred everything I have held for the married guy on to him. So that way I am not a home wrecker but I am still doing something that isn't morally kosher. Cause I really want a true relationship


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  • That's called a rebound relationship, even after the passage of two years. Look back on how it happened and learn how to prevent it from happening again, then move on. . . when you're ready.

    • I think that is right a rebound. I never saw it like that given the situation. It is actually different than that. I haven't had sex for two years I reconnected with the love of my life and he is unhappy in his marriage. And I was feeling things toward him but since I didn't want to take oh out on him the first person I slept with when I tried to ignore those feelings got all those urges thrown on him. And all my emotions came out that I couldn't give to married guy

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    • Like wearing a wedding ring when you're not married. Very shrewd.

    • Shrewd? It is cause on line I really don't want to give people the impression I am single I meet people in the real world for relationships on line for chatting and opinions. I don't want just anyone finding my profile but if people ask I tell them.

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  • Forget about them and move on.


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