Go big or go home?

my boyfriend and i live like two hours apart. should i go big on asking him to homcoming or should i wait. i have an idea but suggestions would be GREAT! oh and his favorite thing is watching movies soif that helps with any ideas I don't know


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  • if he likes watchin movies... then better stick wid this... but do it only if u enjoy movies as well... otherwise try sth dat u both like. wot yer interests r?


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  • You should take him to the movies and he picks the movie to watch. You should video tape yourself asking him to homecoming. Give it to the Manager or whoever controls the movies that are playing. So the person can play that video after the movie ends so he sees it.

    • omg that is like the best idea ever omg thank you so much

    • Your welcome girl. Go get your man!

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  • Maybe wait and go home when you two can spend special time together just you two,


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