Guys, should I tell him how I feel or let it go?

There's this guy who I have been off & on with for a while... we never got into a relationship because we both aren't ready. When things get too serious, he'll back off and stop talking to me because he's scared of getting hurt and having his feelings grow stronger. This time around he's texted me a few random times saying how he loves me and always thinks about me, and that he can't stop. I feel the same way, but I never really admitted it b/c I was unsure if his words were true. It's been a week since he said that, we haven't talked since. But i find myself missin him so much it hurts almost, but I'm scared to tell him b/c I'm not sure if its worth it. I rarely open up the way he would to me... so this is hard. What should I do?


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  • Get together with him in person and everything will flow just as it should.


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