Guys, I have been with my man for about a year now and all of a sudden?

He is acting much more lovey dovey and saying thi ngs he doesn't normally say like im his world etc he is 32 years old any idea as to why he is so much more verbally affectionate lately?


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  • 1. It's in us to suspect anything good happening suddenly but not unfounded for sure as experience shows in a lot of situations :)
    2. Make hay while the sun shines also applies to this situation
    3. We all keep changing but we prefer the comfort factor of things being as they are as we humans are averse to change
    4. If he's being nice and affectionate, I'd say make the best of it but keep an eye (senses) open - not in a way of suspecting everything he does but for discovering why he's changed (that I'd say for the better)
    5. Best is to ask him upfront :) (I'd do that)


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