Guys, I hurt him, can I ask him that?

I kept distance from him because I'm afraid he is a play boy, and yes I hurt him. Now he is kinda unhappy with me and now he is keeping distance because he thinks I'm not interested. What should I do now?


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  • Stay away from him? No need to keep on hurting him. You don't want him, it's ok. Toying with him is not...

    • I want him and I like him..

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    • how long do you think should I give him? Each time I refused him, he would ask to meet me a month after that, it happened 2 or 3 times or so.. The last time he text me, I said something sarcasm to him.. but then I felt really bad, really sorry and really miss him..

    • LOL You really did your best to never have a chance with him ! :-)

      Maybe try once a month, but I am pretty sure it will never happen.

  • Contact him in person or text and ask to hang out or something

    • i already contacted him back (after a week I refused him again), because I feel like I miss him, but he said he was busy.. :(

    • If someone likes a person they will make time for them no matter how busy they are. If he is really busy then he will reschedule for another day. But it seems like he already moved on. Sorry

    • Because I really hurt him a lot. I think he's right to do that. When I feel regret and asked him out, he said "maybe some other day, who knows", apparently he is angry with me..

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