If a guy doesn't know a girl well (but finds out she has a crush on him) would he be more likely to reject her straight up?

Like if she questioned him about it but since he doesn't know her well, would he be more likely to straight up say "this won't work, sorry." As opposed to if the guy is friends with the girl, he wouldn't wanna hurt her. So basically I'm asking,

Guys if you knew a girl had a crush on you but you didn't know her, how would you reject her? Like how would you say it?


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  • If he likes things about you like your looks or what he knows about your personality he may ask for your number or ask to hang out and get to know you. If he isn't he would probably just say thanks but not much more. Also if he's shy or unsure he would say something like "lets see where it goes."

    • On shy/unsure why do you think he'd say that

    • Because he doesn't know for sure if its yes or no. Its probably closer to yes though. Just needs some time to figure it out. Like you said he doesn't know you.

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  • They would probably ignore her.


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  • if i didn't know her that well i'd probably say im already seeing someone if im not interested. still not anything mean


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