What typically happens after the 3rd date?

I met this girl on tinder on August 1st. We chatted for a few days and then we went on our first date.
First date: Dinner then sat on the beach, drank beer and talked.

Two days later we go on our second date.
Second date: Movies and first kiss afterwards

Three days later we go in our third date.
Third date: Gave her roses before we left (she loved them) Baseball game. Beer. Cheesecake Factory afterwards. Kissed her several times. She put her arm around me at the baseball game. I scratched her back etc during the game. We held hands on the way out. On the drive back to my car (45 min) I was playing with her hair and massaging her neck. We got out. She hugged me. I kissed her. She kissed me on the cheek afterwards and I gave her 2 more kisses then I drove home.

During the the ball game she asked if I was busy Friday bc she may need help moving I said I could help.

We really got to know each other on the third date and I told her "I really like you" and she replied saying "I really like you too :))"

In this circumstance how much longer should I wait to ask her about being in a relationship?
Where re do I go from here?

Thank you for reading and thank you for all opinions :)
Have a great day.


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  • Wow you must really like each other to have done all that since August 1.

    She clearly likes you a lot otherwise she would not have asked you to help her move.

    Go with whatever feels natural because sounds like she will be chuffed that you asked and will definitely say yes.


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