Do you believe love at first sight is actually real?

Im 16 This boy has liked me for 2 years now, we used to text a LITTLE bit but I don't know it just stopped. Last valentines day he got his friend to write a poem and he gave it to me saying he wrote it. he always tells my friends how much he likes me and loads of people know. And he told my best friend he loves me. i haven't actually spoke to him for about 8 months but during that time my friends have been saying all the stuff he says about me.

When he sees me he never makes eye contact. He's not the the best looking guy. But i don't really think looks are everything. I don't really think i'm into his personality either. We haven't had a proper real life convo. But he texted me once or twice but his convos are so boring and blunt and one worded even if i try to keep it going to be friendly. I'm not attracted to him. why does he love me so much when he doesn't know me?
His convosations are so blunt and boring like 'hi' 'wuu2' 'oh okay', and i understand it can be hard but even if i try to engage and make it interesting just to be nice, he still replies with 'ok'


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  • He doesn't love you, he has a crush on you. I do not believe in love at first sight but I do believe in lust at first sight

  • no attraction at first sight is real