I really don't understand why he would suggest a 2nd date and never followup?

I met up w/this guy from online dating & I thought it went pretty well, we had lunch & afterwards he asked if I wanted to get dessert... the whole thing ended up lasting several hours. He also mentioned things we could do for future possible dates. The day after I texted saying it was nice meeting him (yes I know it's "aggressive" for a girl to do but oh well). He replied back saying, "I had a really good time, let's plan something for this weekend!" I said sure & that Sunday was best for me. He said "Ok I'll get back to you about the time/place". It's been almost 5 days & nothing (plus it's almost the weekend), so I'm fairly sure I won't hear from him again. I'm super confused why he'd even suggest another date and just disappear? Thanks in advance for any input


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