Why would a jealous guy (my BF) decide to date a hooters waitress ( me)?

I met my current boyfriend through some mutual friends and weeks before we started dating he knew I was a Hooters waitress. He had even come to see me at work several times before we started dating. Here it is 4 months into our relationship and it's like he gets jealous every couple of weeks about me working at Hooters. I work there because I get paid good money to help pay for my masters degree so I don't have to wait tables anymore. I have been here for three years and I don't plan to quit because of him but it doesn't seem it's going to get better.
I do admit I do get hit on by guys constantly and most of them are talking to my boobs instead of my face. Being a 32 DDD cup doesn't help the situation but this is all info my boyfriend knew before we started dating.

I've tried to put myself in his shoes and I keep thinking if I wasn't OK with it I would've never asked the girl out. Its seems like like every couple of weeks we are yelling and fighting about my job then the next day we are having makeup sex and then it's fine for another 2 weeks then it's back on again. It's like a vicious cycle. When we are getting along we have a great time together and I really enjoyed being with him but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth all the arguing.

Do you think it's time for me to dump him what do you think there something I can do to help him? I'm looking for comments from people who have dealt with jealousy in the past. Thank you.


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  • He didn't read the writings on the tube and grabbed for the Preparation H instead of Sensodyne.

    People have this stigma against the industry , it's just a job.
    If he can deal with it , hey good on him.
    If he can't , well boo hoo and his judgmental ass.

    But still , can't help to think... aww man... seeing "your girl" getting feely touchy by other men ought to feel like shit.

    • No one touches me. They just flirt and look.

    • I know , I know but watch the video I linked.
      Can't say guys like their girl to be oogled.

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  • Remind him that he already knew about your job and tell him that you're not going to change because of him.


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  • Look, sounds to me like you're having too much stress by just staying in this relationship. He sounds controlling, not comprehensive and over jealous. Did you ever stop to think you're with someone that is actually making your life harder? It's not like life isn't hard enough already, right? If you're going to have a boyfriend he should at least support you in making life more pleasant. I mean, is he going to be in your way everytime you make plans for your life due to jealousy? If you need to stay later at school working on your thesis will he think you're cheating him with a colleague? If you need to make a work travel, is he gonna think you're making excuses to cheat on him? I mean, c'mon! Life is full of situations in which we're exposed to people that will be attracted to us. A boyfriend should learn how to deal with it and not act like this.

    Anyways, I would not stay with him if I were you, at least not unless he REALLY changes his behavior.

  • Cos she's HOT and SPICY like a NICKNACK! A NICKNACK PADDYWACK! Narr wut I'm sayin?


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