What do older men expect in a relationship?

I am in my late 20's and am seeing an man is his early 40's. I am just wondering what the expectations are for an older man vs a younger one. I am pretty self sufficient, but I don't make very much but don't depend on others.
we have been on 4 dates, are going on number 5 this wk and no sex has been involved, just enjoying each others company.


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  • An older man wants your time and attention. Bake him a cake and he's happy. Cook dinner for him and he's ecstatic. He wants you to be interested in his activities and interests but he may not be as willing to get involved in your interests. He is much more likely to be faithful and true to you and he is likely to have far less patience with drama.


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  • Old men expect oatmeal in the morning and sponge baths before bed.

  • It depends on what you want cause he is 20 years older than you
    doesn't mean he has no desire to do the same things as a younger guy

  • For her to be a bit naive so she can't see he's using her, to have a more perky body than women his age. That is all.


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