Should I still try for her or just move on?

I was hanging out with the girl I have a crush on one day then she kissed me. So for the next couple of days we would hang out and make out. She said she had had a crush on me since she met me about 3 months ago and that I was really attractive and a good kisser. Then she said she was getting feelings for me and she didn't want to get these feelings. So she kinda gave me the cold shoulder for a week then she starts calling me every night to talk. Then I see her one day kissing a guy who I had thought was her EX boyfriend who she'd been dating for over a year at the same spot we had our first kiss. I'm pretty sure she saw me too but she still kissed him. Also he isn't even as attractive as me and definently not as good of a guy as me. So then we didn't talk for like a month and then she calls me to tell me how her summers going and we talked for over an hour. So i thought she was still interested in me but then we didn't talk for a couple of weeks. Then it saw her again with her boyfriend at the same spot. But I'm a lot better good looking than him he's just a few years older. I'm know I'm a better guy then him so should I still try for her or just move on.


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  • You should move on, that girl obviously doesn't have any respect for you or cares about your feelings.


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