Will I ever find someone? or am I ****ed?

im lady kryptonite, a loner, a computer nerd, anime watcher, weird video watcher, gamer, loser, etc
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Most Helpful Girl

  • bro your not alone there, there are others out there you just have to look. if your super interested in meeting people with the same interests
    a) look online at anime chat groups etc
    b) check out if there are any conventions in your area and go to one because they are a great place to go and meet people
    c) see if there are any anime/ gaming groups in your area

    • im super shy and there are never conventions within a 2+ hour radius of me

    • i know how you feel, i'm in the same boat, but meeting people online might be a good way to start off, and then graduate to meeting people in real life? i find it easier to talk to people online then in real life. also it really sucks there aren't any conventions close by, but maybe you could take a mini vacation, and go to a big one that's not too far away? it's defiantly worth it, the atmosphere is amazing and people are super friendly.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bud
    There's probably more than 1% (A lot of people) who are into that exact same shit u r. And get rid of that attitude, already, bud!

    I say bud too much.

    U got this.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I like it when guys play computer games, it's silly but I like hearing them talk about it. It's really not a bad thing at all.


What Guys Said 2

  • As long as you believe yourself to be, as you stated "lady kryptonite... loser, etc". Ya, you're screwed.

    • the truth hurts man

    • and i never won anything, that makes me a loser doesn't it?

  • Meh, we're ALL fucked! lol


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