So confused with females and how to talk with them?

I currently 16, almost 17 and I've never had a girlfriend. I don't have that many female friends, I would honestly say that I have less than 3 actual friends that are female. There are girls that I talk to, but I would just consider them peers and not friends.

For some reason, I have always had troubles talking with women. I have always been awkward up until recently, I am less awkward but it's still weird enough to where I'm incapable of having a meaningful conversation with a women. One of my female friends is a really good one and she doesn't mind talking about anything, she's really entertaining and likes talking. I usually don't like talking and I have no idea how we even got this close and how she managed to get me to talk so much, I usually wouldn't take to females a lot. But she's taken and there's nothing I can do about that, we're good friends and I'm fine with it being that way.

I can only seem to talk with her, whenever it's another women I just have completely stupid conversations. I can't manage to be entertaining or have any clue what to talk about. I'm truly clueless about women.

If anyone can help and suggest ways to actually have conversations with women, I would be thankful. I'm just so lost when it comes to them and have no idea how to speak to them. I'm not socially awkward or ugly, most females that I do talk with sometimes like feeling my hair cause its soft and some of them even said I'm hot, but they're friends and it's a "I'm being serious and telling you the truth" type of thing.

Like I said multiple times, I'm just completely lost when it comes to women and how to start/hold conversations.


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  • All that takes to start a conversation, is actually start it. What I mean is you need to put expectations or anything, just start talking to another human being, because in the end we got nothing to lose and it ends up being fun getting to know people. So my suggestion is that you start talking with girls, even if you don't attracted to them, just for the fun of interacting, caring about other people, etc. And then when you have a real interest in a specific girl, it'll be much easier to approach her.
    Hope it helped :)


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  • Go to Hooters and practice talking to the waitresses.

    Seriously. They're more attractive than the average girl you'll encounter, which will trigger all of your anxieties, AND they're trained to flirt and chat with their customers.

    Go there often, get used to talking with beautiful women and get over your anxieties. Problem solved.


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  • Well, usually just being yourself works the best. throw in a little humor, try to be funny in a way you would think they would find appealing. just be nice to them, compliment their hair or eyes. Usually confidence works the best at getting them to talk to you. So just Smile and say hi and try to strike up a friendly conversation about whatever place you're at or something you noticed you two had in common (I, e, if she has a band t shirt or a fandom button that you also like) if you run out of things to say, just start asking questions. look like you actually CARE about what her last pet was or how much of an ass her ex is. I understand it can be difficult, I like women (and men too) and its hard for me to always start or maintain a conversation with either gender. But I try just by doing that


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