Do you think he likes me?

Okay so there's this guy that I have a huge crush on. I'm almost 16 and he just turned 20. We've known each other for a year now and I've had a crush on him since November. I know it's a weird age difference since I'm still in high school but once I'm a little older it won't be as strange. My parents totally approve of us and so do his parents. I wouldn't do any more than kiss until marriage, and he is the same way. My parents trust him to take me places and he's always very sweet and caring to me. The only thing is I'm not sure if he likes me like that. He's done so many adorably sweet things for/to me and I feel like he's given me many signs that he likes me. We've even almost kissed once. I'm just afraid that there is a small chance he might like me as just a sister. Any advice? Tips? Anything?


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  • Here's a radical suggestion: talk to him. Tell him how you feel and ask him to tell you how he feels. If he doesn't like you in that way, it is better to find out now rather than later.

    • I want to but I'm afraid it might ruin our friendship if he doesn't like me back. I've had this happen with another guy before and we barely talk anymore. I don't want it to happen again.

    • How could you go on trying to be just a friend when you felt more than that?

    • I just tried to get over it. Started looking at other guys. I realized there are tons of other guys out there and that's when I met my current crush. And I love him.

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  • If he even almost kissed you, I doubt he sees you as a sister.. I think he likes you. Has he ever dated anyone as young as you?

    • He has never had a girlfriend

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    • Well I hope you're patient enough to wait or else your thoughts will just eat you up from the inside. If I were you I'd just rip off the bandaid and tell him. But it's understandable if youd rather wait

    • If the right moment comes up, then I will tell him.

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  • girl I think that he likes you for sure if you and him almost kissed then yes he likes you but I think you should tell him how you feel before you get in that sister and brother stage.

    • The almost kiss was one time we were doing a hide-and-seek sort of thing with my friends (I know, it's for little kids, but adults were playing and it was just really fun lol) and he found me first and he got really close to my face to where our noses almost touched and I felt like we could've kissed right at the second but I got scared and did an Eskimo kiss to him

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