How long should I wait to jump in the dating scene again?

I am just getting out of a bad relationship of 5 years. What is the ideal time to start dating again?

Ok there is this guy I have my eye on and I really wanna sleep with him but I don't think I want anything else out of it. I just want kind of like a rebound f**k. Is that wrong or is it essential?


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  • Only you can decide whether it is essential (to you). As for "wrong", that all depends how you handle it. If you are open and honest with the new guy, and he knows you are just looking for some rebound recreation, and he still wants to do it, he can't complain, right? But any sex (even rebound recreation sex) usually ties into more complex emotional stuff (especially for women). Just coming out of a long-term bad relationship, you may want to take it easy for a little bit longer, to let your emotions get calmed down and sorted out first. That's probably what I'd do. But you know best what you need, emotionally and physically. Good luck!

    • Thanks for that. I know I should wait but I think my hormones are just gonna catch up to me and I'm going to end up back where I started. With my EX. But I don't know. I think the other guy knows that's all I want from him because he is just getting out of a long relationship too. We both just want the same thing.

    • I think it would be good to have an up-front discussion with this new guy, to be sure you really do both want the same thing. If so, and if this is what it takes to avoid going back to a bad relationship with your ex, then I guess that's that. Again, best of luck to you!

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  • It really depends on how well you connected with this guy. If you guys were really close then it could take longer (I know it took me a year to get over my last boyfriend). Just take your time and don't think you need to get back into dating right away because you don't. Since it was a five year relationship though, I would give it at least a few months before starting dating. but again, that's something that really depends on your comfort :)

  • They say you should take half the time you were together to get over the relationship. I think it really all depends on how comfortable you are with jumping back in the scene!