Guys, why do you assume my standards are too high for you to have a chance?

So I'm about to be a senior and my friends say that the reason nobody approaches me because they think my standards are high. & I guess that's true because I've noticed that people always tell me that they're interested when it's too late. For example, the person just graduated or went to another school. Also, when we played some game I admitted that if I had this choose someone to bang in the room, the guy seemed Very surprised I chose him. I'm actually really responsible and I lead a news broadcast team. I care about my grades as well. I don't know if that makes me seem like a "high standards" girl. I'm not shy at all and I think I'm kinda funny hmm. People say I have a big personality. However, I don't really talk to anyli guys outside of school because not many really talk to me first. Also, I get called cute a lot. Which is nice but not really because I have a babyface kinda and my voice is little higher pitched than usual when I get excited. People see me as innocent little Asian if that makes a difference. I know I'm not ugly because I guess I've had a fair share of people telling me they were interested but bad timing lol I don't think I have high standards, but it's just that I'm not desperate to date. How do I let them know, that there's a chance?
Okay my standards are simple.

Just be taller than me. Which is easy because I'm pretty short. Make me laugh. & you don't have to look a specific way, if you look good you just do! The last guy I was in a serious relationship was kinda chunky and not as cute as he is now. The big factor is making me laugh/making fun of me.

To sum it up: is taller than me, makes me laugh, & average intelligence. & decent looks lol not expecting a model here.


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  • That is the problem with people who are way too good looking fr their own good. People assume that their standards are as high as their own looks. You're facing the same issue, I suppose.

    P. S. I too am usually intimidated by really good looking women, and hesitate to interact with them for the fear of being judged.


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  • There's other factors to consider, if the guy had to shave his head bald from a condition would that turn you off? Things like that, variables

  • You'll just have to approach them if they're too shy.

  • You didn't even mention what your standards are?

    • Whoops! I mean as long as they're taller than me and funny. As for looks, I don't really have a preference. If your face looks good then it just does.

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    • Yeah. Well thanks anyway! I'll try & see what happens

    • Good luck :)

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