Guys, if a girl texts you "I will go to bar XX this evening and I want to see you there", how will you react? and I turned him down twice?


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  • The wording is weird and I'm not a good example cause I'm down for a bar with almost anyone but overall I'd think this is a real 50/50 kinda deal. I don't like the whole "I want to see you there" part. What I've learned is most of the time trying to invite someone to do something without just blatantly asking ends up feeling inauthentic and weird. A lot of the time I'll come if I'm asked but if it's "suggested" I'm a lot more reserved especially if I've been turned down before.

    • yeah I already feel like I'm irrational now, and I've asked a lot of questions here about this same issue..

      what if I text him like this " How's everything going? Happy with the person you are seeing? Now I began to miss you.. I never let you know that I actually liked you. If you still want to meet, call/text me back, otherwise you can't reach me anymore because I will soon change a new number"

    • Yeah. Let's not do that. Why not just go with your first plan of meeting him at a bar. Long text no matter what your intention is always look panicky. I learned that one the hard way. Just ask him out something like. "Hey this is random but wanna go to (insert bar) tonight?" I mean add your own personal flair and write it how you normally would but keep it simple. Leave the convo's for face to face

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  • If I have been turned down twice, she is already nexted..
    I am definitely not going out of my way to meet her at some bar.
    She can come find me if she wants me

    • I forgot his address.. I just went there once :(

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    • So you mean I shouldn't make any move now? Just delete his number and forget about him? I never let him know that I like him and I'm missing him, is it ok I still let him know? Maybe this will change something...

    • Just ask him when he is free for a date, or wait to hear back from him...
      They are your only two options.
      Impossible to force his hand

  • Normally I would consider going there, but..

    ''and I turned him down twice''

    Then hell no.

    • I already apologised..

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    • Well from what I have read here, I would delete his number and move on.

      He will text if he wants to date you, but to be honest I don't think he wants to.

      ''he told me he was seeing somebody''
      You don't say that to make someone jealous, you say that to let him/her it's over.

    • is it? But when I tell him I'm dating with someone, I want to make him jealous. If I'm really seeing someone happily, I wouldn't tell him.. I will just ignore him.. I don't know. It's because I blew it up so I feel so bad :(

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