Guys, I'm kinda desperate now?

what would you see a text from a girl, says " How's everything going? Happy with the person you are seeing? Now I began to miss you.. I never let you know that I actually liked you. If you still want to meet, call/text me back, otherwise you can't reach me anymore because I will soon change a new number"
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  • soo when he was alone u dont give a shit now he is happy or with other person now u want him.. i would guess u lose your own game...

    • I liked him from beginning, just because there were some other reasons so i kept distance with him. such like, he is 6 years younger, or, he liked me and waned to slept with me at the first time, or, he is really pretty so I was not sure if he was just play with me, etc etc

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    • i hope u got a happy end with him or just moving on a get another guys u like :)

      ty :) if u want mensage me when somethign change ;) good luck in life

    • Thank you :) yeah I will let you know if he contact me back

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What Guys Said 2

  • How is that desperate? All you're doing is letting the guy know that you liked him and you regret not telling him before.

  • Ok, so what's the back story?

    • maybe better i send you a personal message if you don't mind?

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