I like a guy who has a girlfriend?

I've known him for years, and I guess we're friends but we're not close.
I know he's attracted to me because he's said so, but he's never been sleazy or made a move.
I don't know if I should be friends with him in an innocent way or if I should back off


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  • If you try to be friends with him, you take a chance on 1) being he woman who broke up his relationship, or 2) being friend zoned. If e is worth waiting for. . . wait for him.


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  • I have the same thing with my best friend. We like each other a lot but we've never told each other but we just know we do. Recently though, he told me that he thought I was hot and attractive and I meant a lot to him but he has a girlfriend. Personally, i'd say don't back off. There's nothing wrong with just being friends. Girls and guys can be friends. Maybe with time, you guys could develop into something much more

    • I think you're right :)
      I'm not going to wait around from him or make a move either so I guess friends works and what happens happens :)

    • Exactly. Trust me, you'll feel worse even if you don't talk to him as friends. Just keep things casual and like you said what happens happens. People can surprise you but know that what happens always happens for the best. Good luck. You'll be fine! :)

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  • It's not because he's attracted to you, that he loves you.
    I have a lot of attractive friends, but I just see them as friends.

    Anyway, you should just stay friends with him, nothing more.


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