I got a question in conversations?

So i like her , but if i have to build this relationship , i gotta talk to her , but when i talk her , i just dont know what to talk to her about. People say just talk to them how you talk to your friends but there is a difference when you talk to your crush and your friend because you have that pressure where your nervous and shy as in when you talk to your friend you talk about weird shit , all crazy stuff


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  • You should ask her out for an evening or some meal together. but when it comes to talking to the ones we crush, we run out of words, So, make it all about them. Just ask her favorites, likes, dislikes but don't be interrogative just be polite, then the conversation will take it's flow!

    • i can't ask her out until i build a relationship , wouldn't u be weirded out when a dude outta nowhere comes and says hey lets go out. I still dont even get comfortable around her , like i get really nervous and my heart just goes fast and faster

    • Which is why i asked to you to have a conversation with her and know likes and dislikes, get to know her better, and ask her out.

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  • i understand... u feel nervous around her. u can't just talk to her.

    first of all hav u ever talked to her before?


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  • I can't help u... Bcause same prbl is with me too

    • IKR? what is lyfe? just which you can just a few things to a girl and get them

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