Will she fall in love with this guy, eventually?

My friend recently dumped a cheater and to avoid being upset and sad, she purposely chose a guy to divert her attention.
Now, she IS attracted to him. She does like him but the liking did not happen naturally. It was more like, she chose someone to crush on.
Its been a month now and she feels attracted to him, likes him but says she can't feel the intense attraction she used to feel for guys she was with before and said that she isn't in love with anyone, currently.

She is hoping that one day she will be able to distract all negative thoughts and fall in love with the guy she is crushing on.
So, will it happen? Will she fall in love with him?


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  • Tell the guy, he doesn't deserve this


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  • You don't choose to fall in love. You either feel it or not and if your friend still doesn't feel that special chemistry then she likely never will.


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