Guys, What's the best way to go about doing this?

I met this guy online and we clicked pretty much instantly him and I are meeting for the first time tonight, we're going to the movies... However after the movies he wants to go back to his place, he doesn't beat around the bush or anything he tells me straight up I wanna sleep with you. When I answer I don't tell him no, I just say we will it's just when I don't know. He tells me things to make sure I know he's interested.
I don't want to sleep with him the first time we hang out. I've done it before and then they stop talking to me. I told him that And he says he wouldn't do that.
This guy who use to work with me told me if I do anything sexual with a guy before we start dating then it'll never turn into that.
How can I let him down easy, so that he doesn't think I don't want to sleep with him ever just not right now.


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  • just be clear and don't be afraid if he feels unhappy or not... u cannot please anyone after all right?

    just say "i won't do it before we start datin... i've had a bad past wid other guys as i told u. please understand"

    and if he's unhappy after u said dat... then better leave him


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