The guy I'm seeing' ex girlfriend is sending him topless snapchats, after being broke up for a year, I don't know how to react?

I have been seeing a guy for 3 months now, we are still not officially together though. We have met each other's family and friends. He is really sweet and caring.

He he broke up with his ex girlfriend a year ago (ish maybe more) they were together for four years, it was very serious, the were getting a mortgage for a house etc but she cheated on him they broke up and then She got with the guy for around 6 months.

the other night she sent him a snapchat, it was of her with no top on. He told me about it pretty much as soon as I got there. I think I may be slightly over reacting as the previous guy I was seeing a year ago left me to get back with his ex, but I felt when he spoke about it he looked sad, I wasn't sure how to react or what to say, it doesn't make me angry but I feel a little worried? Stupidly! Do I approach the subject or not, he also hasn't been so talkative to me since like he usually is?


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  • Her sending the topless snapchat to him after they broke up and he is in another relationship is not appropriate. I think you should ask him whether he wants this relationship or to go back to his ex and to block her on snapchat if she is going to send these pictures


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