Anyone have a ldr and it work out for them?

Like the question says anyone ever have a ldr and it work out and is still working or you guys are happily living/married etc with them. Known this guy he lives in Florida I in no but his family is here. He flirted with me calling me things like babe I will love him one day and be his friend etc. went for a visit with my friend who moved in with him. He was amazing. Time came for me to leave we both didn't now what we were but he wasn't ready for anything (he's been cheated on an hurt so doesn't trust easily) he told me bout trusting and my friend about the cheating. Anyway after going home we now talk everyday through the whole day. He calls me things like my dear nd says sweet dreams etc and being even a little sexual. I want something to come out of this. Does it sound like he still ineterested and maybe starting to trust? Maybe soon something will come from this. Anyone ever have a ldr and it work for the best. either you guys are married now or still continuing th relationship. I'm hoping that we can start one soon. i may even go visit again and see what happens.
*says things that I will be his girlfriend and love him one day. along with sweet dreams and my dear and saying things like only for you when I said something to him yesterday and whatever you want.


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  • does seeing each other in the weekend count?

    • I guess it does if she lives in another state or at least an hr away.

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    • i really hope he´s worth it xD

    • I think so. He's pretty amazing

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  • I wouldn't choose to have a LDR.


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